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such an application

][ Name:themis~(this is my prefered name, my real name is Marilyn)

][ Age:15

][ Sex:fffemale

][ Location:Austin, Texas

][ Hobbies:music, computer, and reading

][ Status:recently single; meaning as of today

][ Likes:not too much right, computer, movies, and sno-cones

][ Dislikes:feeling emotion, and my mom, and me

][ Siblings:none

][ Hair Color:naturally dark at the top where it's grown in, and kind of orangeish after that

][ Height:short...5'2''?

][ Eye color:brown

][ Car:public transportation and my legs



][ Favorite Place To Shop:independent kind of odd shops around Austin

][ Tatoos/piercings:four piercings in each ear, and hoping for more (including tattoos)

][ Clothing Brand:not sure I have one

][ Shoe Brand:inclined to say Converse


Favorites (3 or more)

Bands:hell is for heroes, moneen, radiohead, tsunami bomb, apartment 26, smashing pumpkins, annihilate the hero, near miss, alexisonfire, static-x, the black maria, brand new, the faint (that is a very narrowed list, it can get much longer)

Singers:Poe, Maynard James Keenan, Billy Corgan, Kurt Cobain(and oddly I can't think of many more)

books:'The Monster at the End of this Book,' 'But I Wouldn't want to DIE There,' 'Pandora,' more...

movies:Girl Interrupted, The United States of Leland, The Virgin Suicides, many more..

Tv shows:not so much on television...Simpsons, House, The Dive(if I still had cable)


 Other Favorites

][ Color:blue&orange

][ food:vegetarian/vegan

][ subject:I don't know which to choose...

][ sport:none

][ animal:basically all of them

][ person:no one. anymore.

][ object:I'm not sure

][ place:not here, not anywhere



][ smoked:quit, but I'm thinking about starting again

][ drunk alcohol:have, but I'm not proud

][ done drugs:stopped...which is good

][ bunjee jumped:wouldn't mind it

][ sky dived:

][ skinny dipped:have

][ cried to get away with something:not that I can think of



][War: not for, but hey, if I were president, war would be a challenge 

][alcohol and drugs: it's an independent choice everyone has to make, and I think I shouldn't start doing any of it again 

][popularity: I don't try to be, because I really don't want to be(it seems stressful)

][religion: people will believe what they are told are bought

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