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I am Beautiful!

I'm pretty like drugs....

][Name: David, Dave ...etc
][ Age:20
][ Location: Woburn, MA
][ Hobbies:Indie Music, pill popping, drag queen performance
][ Status:...ummm single.....breathing (if thats what it means)
][ Likes: men....
][ Dislikes:bigots...
][ Siblings: 2 Joe, Julieanne
][ Hair Color:Black(natural), Garnier Blue/Black (dyed)
][ Height: 5'11
][ Eye color: sepia
][ Car: cutlass ciera BOAT

][ Favorite Place To Shop: Thrift stores
][ Tatoos/piercings: none
][ Clothing Brand: whatever...but chanel will do
][ Shoe Brand: I would like ME some Manolos someday

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: Rasputina ( , Jack Off Jill ( , Scarling. ( , TCR ( , The Dresden Dolls (
Singers:Tori Amos, Lauren Christy, Melora Creager, Amanda Palmer, Jessicka
Books: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann, The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides,
Movies: The Cell, The Piano, The Hours, the Virgin Suicides
Tv shows: Sex and the City, Dead Like Me

Other Favorites
][ Color: (none really)
][ food: bachlava
][ subject: pharmacology.......history of theatre
][ sport: Shopping......I'm an Olympic Champion
][ animal: I hate animals....
][ person: I hate people too.
][ object: uhhh what....
][ place: cemetaries......I feel at home there...

][ smoked: yes/do
][ drunk alcohol: uh huh
][ done drugs: RX only
][ bunjee jumped: nope
][ sky dived:nope
][ skinny dipped: NO!
][ cried to get away with something: not I face my problems like a man.

][War: Not really necesarry in a modern society.
][alcohol and drugs: Legalize everything. Everything has a purpose medicinally, recreationally.....even if its toxic......if people want to kill themselves...let them.
][popularity: Its fun but should never be anyones ambition or goal in life, especially while you're in school. It can fuck with your head if you try too hard and your minds becomes more at peace when you don't care about fitting in.
][religion: Alot of the organized religions I have noticed seem to have run their course into the millenia. Majority of the organized religions are obsolete for the most part and their traditionalist conservative views more often then not hold society back from developing, not just in areas of social boundries even in things that you wouldn't even suspect religion plays a part in such as scientific development (Stem- Cells anyone?)

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