Susan (wee_little_me) wrote in anti___beauty,

][Name: Susan
][ Age: 18
][Sex: female
][ Location: Ontario
][ Hobbies: Nothing much :(
][ Status: relationship-wise? Single.
][ Likes: bush-haters, liberals,
][ Dislikes: people in general, animals, tree-hugers
][ Siblings: one
][ Hair Color: ick
][ Height: 5'7 -ish
][ Eye color: green
][ Car: hahaha

][ Favorite Place To Shop: Walmart
][ Tatoos/piercings: no :(
][ Clothing Brand: ...your kidding me
][ Shoe Brand: *see above*

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: The Postal Service, Knickelback, evinescence, that new goth chic i only heard one song but its good (AKA e-tard chick), groove coverage, prozak (thats right!), Linkin park, REM, .....i cant think of any more off the top of my head
Singers: does coldplay count as a singer or a band? cu doesnt he rent a band to play the music? I donno....Ok i dont favor many singers....
Books: Harry Potter (duh), the one where "A Wizards First Rule" was the first book, To Kill A Mocking Bird, One Flew Over the Cookus nest, most shakespear plays
Movies: A Beautiful Mind, Titanic (dont bullshit, you love it), Napolian Dinamite, I Heart Huckabees, The Born Identity, The Village, Finding Nemo, THe Panic ROom, Butterfly Effect, The Little mermaid, Robinhood Men In Tights (oh yeah!), Oceans 11 (not 12),
Tv shows: Simpsons, Gilrmor Girls, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Law and Order, Boston Legal, Lone Gunmen (when it was, you know, on the air), Revelations (cant wait until next season) [note: i watch next to no TV]

Other Favorites
][ Color: Black/Purple/Blue
][ food: dam near anything
][ subject: biology?
][ sport: hahaha
][ animal: eeew
][ person: me
][ object: black velvet bunny ears
][ place: My friends apartment. Oh the memories

][ smoked: *cough* never
][ drunk alcohol: dont really drink anything other than hard liquor so I dont drink much at all. fucking teens and their horrible beer *shutters*
][ done drugs: me? never! *passes bong* but ya know, marijuana doesnt really count any way
][ bunjee jumped: You know that bunjee jumping ride at Canadas Wonderland? Yeah, thats the closest ive come
][ sky dived: Want to
][ skinny dipped: no
][ cried to get away with something: rofl it helped me so much last semester

][War: generally pointless, though veyr useful
][alcohol and drugs: go for it
][popularity: overrated
][religion: a joke
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