Susan (wee_little_me) wrote in anti___beauty,

xxgirxx: we are here for support

My mothers crazy, Im turning into her.

Im in shock at what a bitch I am so Im posting this cuz I dont want to post it in my own live journal.

Two weekends ago I met an online friend of mine...lets call him Trevor. He's really a great guy, I crashed at his place for 4 days and we hung out in Toronto. While there I started talking to a friend of his (hm, Samual then) who didnt like me. He was pissed off as it was, he didnt need an 'attention whore' like me. And he told Trevor stuff about me that I got wind of, and indeed Trevor told me about. But thats cool, because Samual seemed to be acting really nice and he seemed to want to get to know me.
And I snapped.
I confronted him on MSN just an hour ago about the stuff he's been saying about me and now he's not agree at me, he's angry at Trevor for saying this stuff to me. The two best friends are now...well...apparently theyre cool.

Trevor: everybody just lost their cool... it's not a big deal... things are okay now...

Im the only one that lost my cool. Samual is very non-confrontational and just wanted to get away. He's blocked me and probably deleted me. Ive deleted him cuz I just cant show my face any more.


thx for listening.
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