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][Name: Jaime
][ Age: will be 21 in August
][Sex: chick

][ Location: PA
][ Hobbies: working out, fucking around on the computer, being a bum
][ Status: um i guess i put single here....right?
][ Likes: money (because its the root of all evil)
][ Dislikes: grose things/ rednecks/ bugs/hunting/fishing
][ Siblings: 1 older brother
][ Hair Color: natural..dirty blond/ almost brown. right now its lighter w/ blond highlights
][ Height: 5'2 or 5'3 i think im in the middle
][ Eye color: mostly blue w/ sum green
][ Car: sunfire

][ Favorite Place To Shop:  in NYC, State College, Harrisburg, Selinsgrove.. anywhere there is a store.
][ Tatoos/piercings: 3 tats, alot of piercings
][ Clothing Brand: any brand that makes me look sexy
][ Shoe Brand: i like etnies alot, sugar, candies, converse

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: The kills, Thursday, Manic Street Preachers
Singers: Courtney Love, the dude from smile empty soul has such an awsome voice, kurt cobain i guess
Books: Go Ask Alice, Star, & those Little Critter books from when I was little
Movies: Clockwork Orange, Bully, Girl Interrupted
Tv shows:The Af\dventures of Pete & Pete, America's Next Top Model, SNL

Other Favorites
][ Color: Any x-cept purple/ Hates purple
][ food: vegan stuff
][ subject:  out of school.
][ sport: baseball
][ animal: all animals
][ person: mom (sumtimes not though)

][ object: stepper machine @ the gym
][ place: anywhere but here

][ smoked: yes but i quit about 2 months ago. & i still need one right now
][ drunk alcohol: why's that say "drunk" alcohol..lol....but anyway yes
][ done drugs: luvs drugs...but had to quit due to trying to be responsible and get a job.
][ bunjee jumped: would definately do
][ sky dived: Am gonna do this summer. cant wait.
][ skinny dipped: thinks i am the only one that hasnt
][ cried to get away with something: lol...hey whatever works right

][War:(sings) uh! what is it good 4..absolutely nuthin
][alcohol and drugs: As long as no junkie rips me off i'm fine w/ all of that.
][popularity: I could give a fuck less
][religion: for people who will believe anything

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