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This seems like a very interesting community.I'm excited that I'm a member.

 Maybe you can help with my problem:

 Here is a picture of the bag in question. Here is the story:My friend Billy and I were discussing random things like usual and I brought up M&Ms we had talked about sometime last year. He still has them, so we went on a semi-search to see how old these probably were. We had the conversation 10/11/04, so it was before Halloween, and the release for Shrek 2 was 5/19/04, so it was probably after then. If you have any idea when these M&Ms came out for sale, we'd like to know. And does anyone know how long M&Ms are good for because Billy wants to save them, but I'm afraid he'll try to eat some again (he tried some today and said his mouth felt funny afterwords) and I'll be blamed. Thanks.

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