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About You
][ Age:45
][ Location:Fla
][ Hobbies:Writing,poems, tv/movie fan fictions
][ Status:I claim no status
][ Likes: cats tv chocolate see my user info
][ Dislikes:sex,oral sex,the bible,christians, being told what to do being corrected
][ Siblings: brothers in their 50s
][ Hair Color:light brown but i have none because I had my scalp removed and skin grafted because of skin cancer
][ Height:4'10"
][ Eye color:blue/green
][ Car: I dont drive

][ Favorite Place To Shop: K amrt wallmart
][ Tatoos/piercings: ouch no never im afraid of pain
][ Clothing Brand: thrift store
][ Shoe Brand: comfortable I dotn like lables

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: black eyed peasstevie wonder 70s 80s music
Books:books by cheri huber, and vc andrews
Movies:Leon the Professional
Tv shows: House,Buffy,er,smallville

Other Favorites
][ Color: cobalt blue
][ food: mexican food
][ subject: Im not in school
][ sport: hate sports
][ animal: cat
][ person: My best friend, and any/all femenine and gay men
][ object: my tv/computer
][ place: alone in my apt with my cat or the mall

][ smoked: never ciggy's should be outlawed
][ drunk alcohol:now and then
][ done drugs:not illeagel ones
][ bunjee jumped:no
][ sky dived:no
][ skinny dipped: not that i remember
][ cried to get away with something: many times

][Warnot my problem
][alcohol and drugs: only the pescribed ones I dont like druggys i drink a little now and then a couple times a year or something
][popularity is overrated
][religion: agnostic wiccan buddha
][ my picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v290/MeowerZ/387800meandmarie.jpg

Hell ya I'm ugly but I had illness' all my life
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