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new girllll <3

About You

][Name: storm
][ Age: 16
][Sex: female.
][ Location: North carolina.
][ Hobbies: music, traveling. friends. losing weight.
][ Status: single. and hate ittttt.
][ Likes: parties, music. friends. coffee. ciggarettes. weight in low numbers.
][ Dislikes: posers, dumbasses. weed. muthers.
][ Siblings: many.
][ Hair Color: red. but at the moment its black/brown/blonde
][ Height: 5"5'
][ Eye color: blue/grey
][ Car: nopeeee. :/

][ Favorite Place To Shop: Hottopic. Loose Lucy's and Planetwear
][ Tatoos/piercings: 10 holes in ears. lipring. nose ring. 2 in bellybutton. no tats yet.
][ Clothing Brand: Doesnt matter.
][ Shoe Brand: chucks. rainbows and sperrys.

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: FFTL. The doors. The shins. the beatles. Norma jean. As i lay dying. more...
Singers: Jim morrison. fiona apple.
Books: Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. !!!
Movies: Girl, interrupted. and Garden State
Tv shows: Fuse. and Miami Ink

Other Favorites
][ Color: Red. Black
][ food: ..
][ subject: Science
][ sport: used to be softball.
][ animal: frog.
][ person: my best friend
][ object: laptop.
][ place: SC

][ smoked: yes
][ drunk alcohol: yeeeappp
][ done drugs:many
][ bunjee jumped:no
][ sky dived:no
][ skinny dipped:yes!
][ cried to get away with something: who hasnt

][War negative. violence is dumb. its a waste of time and getting us nowhere.
][alcohol and drugs. erm. i dont wanna be a hypocrite.
][popularity. is useless. ill never be popular.
][religion. i dont have one. i beleive theres something out there, but not GOD or satan or whatever.

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