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About You
][ Age:17
][ Location:Kentucky
][ Hobbies:basketball, reading, and hanging out with my friends.
][ Status:single and loving it.. i dont want another relationship for awhile.
][ Likes:honesty and starving.
][ Dislikes:liars, cheaters, people who judge others based upon there looks, and food.
][ Siblings:yeah a brother hes 6 and a sister shes 28
][ Hair Color:dark brown
][ Height:5'11
][ Eye color:brown
][ Car: Jeep Cheerokee

][ Favorite Place To Shop: Goodys, thrift stores, and Claires
][ Tatoos/piercings:just my ears and no tattoos yet
][ Clothing Brand: doesnt matter
][ Shoe Brand:doesnt matter as long as there cute lol

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands:Rascal Flatts, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Sugarland
Singers:ashley monroe, kelly clarkson, and kenny chesney.
Books:Rosie Dunne, Palmistry, and The Keepers of The House
Movies:Anchorman, Without A Paddle, and About A Boy.
Tv shows:Law and Order, The Golden Girls, and CSI.

Other Favorites
][ Color: pink
][ food:i dont have one
][ subject: history
][ sport: basketball
][ animal: dogs
][ person: myself?
][ object:idk
][ place: my bedroom

][ smoked: yes
][ drunk alcohol:yes
][ done drugs:yes
][ bunjee jumped:not yet
][ sky dived:not yet
][ skinny dipped:yes
][ cried to get away with something: yes

][War. idc
][alcohol and drugs. w/e
][popularity. is fake people stabbing each other in the back
][religion. idk
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