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everyday i get in a fight [entries|friends|calendar]
i am ugly!!!! i already kno!!!

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hope this isnt too late [20 May 2005|02:02pm]

[ mood | sad ]

][Name: brandon
][ Age: 17 (18 june 12th)
][Sex: male
][ Location: Ohio
][ Hobbies: music, friends
][ Status: single (of course)
][ Likes: my personality
][ Dislikes: everything
][ Siblings: 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sisters
][ Hair Color: dirty blonde or light brown (usually dyed...now its black)
][ Height: 6'1
][ Eye color: hazel
][ Car: not till 18

][ Favorite Place To Shop: goodwill
][ Tatoos/piercings: both my lobs, my right cartlage....when 18 my tounge and maby 2 tattoos
][ Clothing Brand: punk i guess
][ Shoe Brand: DC

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: The Used, Hawthorne Heights, AFI, Finch...alot more
Singers: Bert McCrakin, Casey Calvert, Davey Havock
Books: dont read
Movies: Nightmare before christmas, star wars, Gladiator, Troy, Black Hawk donw, saving private ryan
Tv shows: Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad

Other Favorites
][ Color: Black and pink
][ food: anything vegan
][ subject: science
][ sport: rugby, football, lacrosse, baseball, dodgeball, kick ball, bmx
][ animal: spider monkey
][ person: my best friend jessica, and my cuz jessica
][ object: circle
][ place: my mom's

][ smoked: yes
][ drunk alcohol: fuck yeah
][ done drugs: only weed
][ bunjee jumped: soon
][ sky dived: soon
][ skinny dipped: alot
][ cried to get away with something: NO!

][War: its necessary in some cases
][alcohol: and drugs do what you feel confortable doing
][popularity: overrated
][religion: i belive

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Newness. . . [04 May 2005|04:42pm]

[ mood | blah ]

About You
][Name: Brianne
][ Age: 15 (16 in 14 more days)
][Sex: Female
][ Location: Phoenix, Arizona
][ Hobbies: Listening to music, and, uh, hanging out?
][ Status: Single. .but flirty. 0=)
][ Likes: Guys, gummy bears, lip-gloss, movies, things about heroin, needles, blood. I like a lot of things.
][ Dislikes: Girls, drama, users and abusers. Blah, blah, blah.
][ Siblings: A little shit. (A.K.A.- Brother.)
][ Hair Color: 1/2 blonde 1/2 black. But I'm naturally strawberry blonde.
][ Height: Like, 5'1, 5'2. .
][ Eye color: Greenish
][ Car: Noo. =(

][ Favorite Place To Shop: Buffalo Exchange.
][ Tatoos/piercings: My tongue and ears.
][ Clothing Brand: Don't have one.
][ Shoe Brand: Converse, bitches.

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: AFI, The Devotchkas, Cheap Sex, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Aus-Rotten, From Autumn To Ashes, Avenged Sevenfold, ALOT more. .
Singers: Davey Havok.
Books: The Pelican Brief, Hearts In Atlantis, The Black Hope Horror.
Movies: Pulp Fiction, Requiem For A Dream, Gia, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. I love movies.
Tv shows: Arrested Development, Degrassi, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Life As We Know It.

Other Favorites
][ Color: Hot pink.
][ food: Cookies, and Thai food.
][ subject: NONE, I hate school.
][ sport: Softball.
][ animal: Pig.
][ person: Davey Havok and Melissa; my best friend and soul-mate.
][ object: Uhh. My Barbie, little girl sunglasses.
][ place: My bedroom.

][ smoked: Yes.
][ drunk alcohol: Yes.
][ done drugs: Yes.
][ bunjee jumped: No.
][ sky dived: No.
][ skinny dipped: 1/2 way, I guess. lol.
][ cried to get away with something: Yes. =X

][War: Stupid.
][alcohol and drugs: People should be able to do what they want to. We all know the risks of those things so if we wanna be stupid and continue to do it, let us.
][popularity: Over rated.
][religion: I'm a believer.

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[20 Apr 2005|06:35pm]

[ mood | bored ]

ugh....i cant take my friends fighting...

1. whuts soemthing thats pissed you off this past week??
2. how do you wanna spend your summer??
3. whuts ur fav. band??
4. whuts ur fav. song by the band??
5. r u a pyro like me??
6. do you take compliments well??
8. do you believe in "love at first sight"??

hope you have fun..i wasnt really thinking today so...yea...later ppl

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[17 Apr 2005|03:32pm]

Why is it assumed that family members are loved ones??
whut does it mean to fall in love??
whuts your favorite candy((ies))??
whuts one thing you would want at this very moment??
do you think it would be a blast if we all got drunk together??
whuts your favorite drink?? ((alcohol to))
whut do you think of rainbows??
whuts one thing ((object)) that describes you best??
have you ever stole?? ((shop lifted too))
does your family really love you??
does your family say u steal from them??
does your family say you have a stash of drugs and money some where??
does your family say that you cut yourself??
have you ever thought of suicide??
whuts the thing you think about the most...every day??
whuts your favorite roamnce movie??
do you like romance movies??
have you heard of the band action action??....((my fav. band))
out of blue and pink whut color would you pick??
would you consider me a serial kisser like all my freinds do??
aare you glad you joined this community??
do you think i should change it some??
r u like me and you ahve a friend thats more like a brother ((or sister))?? if so who??
well then i hope you guyz have fun eith these....and yes...ask n e thing it doesnt matter whut it is!! : )

later pplz....

<3 manda
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[08 Apr 2005|06:16pm]

[ mood | not too bad ]

heres some questions:

1. Smoked?
2. Been Drunk as hell?
3. Screwed someone of the opposite sex?
4. Screwed someone of the same sex?
5. Shoplifted?
6. Lied?
7. Betrayed a friend?
8. Been to jail?
9. Smoked weed?
10. Done LSD?
11. Done any other illegal drug?
12. Given oral sex?
13. Received oral sex?
14. Screwed something not of the human race?
15. Screwed something not alive?
16. Cheated on someone?
17. Used someone?
18. Paid someone for sex?
19. Been paid for sex?
20. Played strip poker?
21. Skipped school?
22. Skipped school to get high/drunk?
23. Danced naked?
24. Danced naked in public?
25. Flashed someone?
26. Mooned someone?
27. Kissed someone?
28. Kissed someone of the same sex?
29. Held hands?
30. Hugged someone?
31. French kissed?
32. Had sexual fantasies?
33. Had gay/lesbian fantasies?
34. Stolen money?
35. Stolen money from family?
36. Stolen drugs from family?
37. Been convicted of a crime?
38. Dated someone because you heard they were'easy'?
39. Had someone date you because they thought you were 'easy'?
40. Been called a whore?
41. Been called a bitch?
42. watched porn?
43. Taped porn?
44. Watched porn you taped?
45. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle?
46. Screwed someone in a moving vehicle?
47. Used sex 'toys'?
48. Tried to kill yourself?
49. Tried to kill someone else?
50. Told someone you hated them?
51. Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it?


just have fun with it...lol

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[05 Apr 2005|03:40pm]

[ mood | confused...whut else is new?? ]

i kno this is stupid but yes answer it honestly..

1. would you lie to the person you liked alot just so things would go back to normal??

only one question for now...LaTeR!!!!

<3 ya all lots

*muah* friendly kisses to everyone

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[02 Apr 2005|02:44pm]

[ mood | bored ]

here are some questions for the people of


  1. when grief and guilt tear you apart will death follow or will love conquer all??
  2. if you were told that one thing was going to be taken away...whut would you want that one thing to be??


  1. whuts one thing you hate the most in a person??
  2. whut r ur dreams for the future??
  3. whut do you want ur career to be??
  4. if you could win a date with n e actor ((star)) who would you want it to be??
  5. do you hate it when you cant get whut you want?? ((by my friend sara))
  6. whut do you think the worst thing can happen in a relationship??
  7. whut do you think the worst thing can happen to a rich kid??
  8. coke or pepsi??
  9. who was the last person you kissed??
  10. who would you want to kiss??

i hope you guys have fun with these ones...and pleeeze answer truthfully and honestly...cause i really wann get to kno everyone ...better that is..lol

have fun

love ya ppl *muah* friendly kisses to everyone

<3 manda

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[02 Apr 2005|01:19am]

[ mood | and depressed ]

About You
][Name: Gayathri or Gaya for short.
][ Age: 21
][Sex: Female
][ Location: Singapore
][ Hobbies: movies, music, reading, video games, computer graphics...
][ Status: depressed and moody...
][ Likes: music, good movies, video games, hanging out with my brother and sister, sleeping, meeting friends sometimes, snakes.
][ Dislikes: crowd, meeting people, worms, homophobes, close minded people, friends at times, being me, living in this country...
][ Siblings: Elder sister and younger brother.
][ Hair Color: Black
][ Height: 5'4...I think....It's been a long time since I measured.
][ Eye color: Black
][ Car: None...too expensive to own one here.

][ Favorite Place To Shop: record stores, bookshops (borders)...
][ Tatoos/piercings: one tattoo on my left wrist (two spiders connected, friend says it looks like they are humping...figures), 2 piercings in each ear although I rarely wear earrings.
][ Clothing Brand: Nike tops and anything comfortable that I like. Mostly tees, jeans and sneakers.
][ Shoe Brand: sneakers of any brand.

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: Disturbed, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Placebo, The Dandy Warhols, Velvet Revolver, Cold, Tool, A Perfect Circle, AC/DC (anything rock)...
Singers: David Draiman, Brian Molko, Eddie Vedder...
Books: Read lots of autobiographies, Harry Potter series, The Da Vinci Code, The Rules of Attraction...
Movies: Fight Club, Almost Famous, Kevin Smith movies, Requiem for a Dream, American History X, Reservoir Dogs, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Seven...
Tv shows: Six Feet Under, Queer as Folk, The 'L' Word, wrestling, football...

Other Favorites
][ Color: Red, blue.
][ food: Depends on my mood but no red meat.
][ subject: English when I was in school.
][ sport: Football (soccer)
][ animal: Snakes, cats, dogs, wolves.
][ person: Anyone I can stand in the long run, my sister.
][ object: my mp3 player and pesky (my soft toy)
][ place: my room. I like Hawaii.

][ smoked: I wanna try. But no.
][ drunk alcohol: Yep.
][ done drugs: Wanna try but again no.
][ bunjee jumped: I wish...Its banned here..! Well it was till last year when they allowed reverse bungee.
][ sky dived: never, but I want to.
][ skinny dipped: nope
][ cried to get away with something: oh yea when I was younger. Now I just argue. :P

][War: I think its unnecessary.
][alcohol and drugs: I'm all about trying anything once but be responsible and dont abuse it.
][popularity: Never understood this. Proves we are after all animals.
][religion: Up to an individual. I am trying to figure things out.

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[29 Mar 2005|05:49pm]



not that longCollapse )
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[28 Mar 2005|01:03pm]

About You
][ Age: 17
][Sex: female
][ Location: reykjavik
][ Hobbies: taking pictures, drawing, painting,
][ Status: single
][ Likes: my bed, sleeping, music,
][ Dislikes: people who make stupid comments about my looks, spiders,
][ Siblings: four sisters and one brother
][ Hair Color: red
][ Height: 5'9
][ Eye color: green
][ Car: no car

][ Favorite Place To Shop: sputnik,
][ Tatoos/piercings: my ears are pierced
][ Clothing Brand: just plain black clothes.
][ Shoe Brand: black pointe mini- high heels .. i like girlie shoes.

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: radiohead, scissor sisters, janis joplin, yeah yeah yeahs, cradle of filth
Singers: dani filth, tori amos,
Books: isfolkid
Movies: girl interrupted, the nightmare before christmas, waynes world,
Tv shows: the simpsons, family guy, sex and the city,

Other Favorites
][ Color: black and pink
][ food: noodles
][ subject:
][ sport: jazzballet?
][ animal: bunnies
][ person: vincent malloy
][ object:
][ place: london

][ smoked: nope
][ drunk alcohol: yes
][ done drugs: nope
][ bunjee jumped:nope
][ sky dived: nope
][ skinny dipped: nope
][ cried to get away with something: maybe when i was little

][War: i dont really get the point of having wars, it seems to me that it is always the innocent people that get hurt the most.
][alcohol and drugs: i don't really see whats so fun about getting drunk but do whatever you want i guess.
][popularity: oh, i think it is stupid.
][religion: believe in what you want to believe in but dont try to force your beliefs on me.
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[26 Mar 2005|11:01pm]

[ mood | confused ]

for the past 4 years i have l??ed a person...yet am i pathetic to hold on to love that long...

should i tell him my true feeling towards him??

help me ..... pleeze!!!??

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***QUESTIONS FOR THE PEOPLE*** [26 Mar 2005|02:41pm]

[ mood | got alot on my mind ]

answer the following questions:

  1. what would you do for love??
  2. what is one thing you would live for??
  3. if you could kill one person who would it be??
  4. if you could have n e thing you want what would that thing(s) be??
  5. if things get bad will your head still be held up high??
  6. if you were told you were going to die in a week how would you spend your last week and who would you spend it with??
  7. if you could live ne where would it be and if you could take somenoe or more than one person who would you bring??

if you have ne other questions you think of....just post it up...and just have fun with it!!

but pleeze if someone puts up a question dont be me and answer the question

love you guyz!!! </3 manda

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[21 Mar 2005|05:41pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Despite my friends telling me i'm pretty, i'm unconventional, and well ungirly so there ya go. Apparently to some and myself i'm ugly.

][Name: Steph
][ Age: 21
][Sex: female
][ Location: minnesota
][ Hobbies: writing, art, making bracelets, computer graphics, video games
][ Status: single and couldn't be happier
][ Likes: my friends, music, good movies, coffee, hippy stuff...O_o
][ Dislikes: people who think there the greatest gift to mankind, homophobes, the president.
][ Siblings: younger brother, and a sister who passed away almost at birth
][ Hair Color: blonde
][ Height: 5'5
][ Eye color: blue
][ Car: I can't drive, so no car

][ Favorite Place To Shop: thrift stores, hippy shopes, jewlery stores, record shops, walmart
][ Tatoos/piercings: no tats, ear peicerings which i don't wear. I can't find a metal that my body doesn't reject
][ Clothing Brand: whatever's comfy, i wear guys clothes mostly girl clothes bother me
][ Shoe Brand: adidas air walks, vans, pumas

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: frou frou, ABstraXT, The maltfated, tegan and sara (though i listen to everything)
Singers: Ani difranco, pj harvey, joss stone
Books: Nessesary targets - eve ensler
Movies: pulp fiction, mean girls, blow
Tv shows: law and order, house, degrassi, anime stuff, (all the crime shows)

Other Favorites
][ Color: powder blue and silver
][ food: italian garlic veggie pizza
][ subject: Art
][ sport: floor hockey and volley ball
][ animal: snow owls
][ person: my mom and brother (and then my friends)
][ object: my box of unfished poetry, songs, lyrics, stories. And my sisters cross that was on her casket
][ place: Minneapolis, minnesota

][ smoked: yeah
][ drunk alcohol: yup
][ done drugs: yup
][ bunjee jumped: no
][ sky dived: no
][ skinny dipped: never
][ cried to get away with something: of course

][War: It's pointless, and it solves nothing. I'm far to peaceful for this shit
][alcohol and drugs: either do it responsibly or don't do it.
][popularity: I think it's for people who can't be themselves, they need to feel that they have to have a large group of followers in order to like themselves. I never understood it, and i never will. Despite this I was pretty well liked in highschool (most days)
][religion: I take concepts from all religions and mush them together to fight the way i live. No one religion is 100% right or wrong.


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i miss the old PJ [18 Mar 2005|10:19pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

i was just talking to my mom earlier this mornin after i got out of work. she was asking me if i knew this guy that graduated from Arthur Hill in 02'. she described him to me and i was like PJ Bonk. she said yes. hes in the from page of the newspaper. apparently he hit his mom over the head with a steel pipe a few times. his mom is in serious condition. its a shock to me cuz PJ was like one of the nicest guys i ever knew in high skool. he was the type that would never hurt anyone and then to hear this. he was in all advanced classes. had a scholarship to college, he had it all. i'm fuckin' speechless. everyone that knows him is shocked and noone knows why he did it.

i kinda want to cry cuz i can't believe what i'm hearing.........

The Story

PS: i did cry.

this is how i remember PJ

this is a very old pic. probly when i was like 18ish. that rose pj had given to me that night. i remember it clearly. it was for sweetest day.

pj lookin fancy


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[17 Mar 2005|04:44pm]

finally i thought i was gonna have a good day. i rarely ever have one. things were going great. i actually looked nice today. me and melissa were walking holly to class, when suddenly jesse came up to us and was hey u guys hold on real quick. he looked a bit upset. so we were like yeah. he was like hey sade just said that krystle died last nite from a heart attack. we were like no we haven't heard that and we never said anything like that. he was like well yeah. we didn't take him seriously at first but then it finally clicked. she did die. it's crazy. and when we got to english amber,tiara and niecy were in mega tears. and for the whole period we were uber silent. seper told us and then we knew it was for real. all day was hard. in french i was gonna kick some gurl's ass cuz she was loud about it. and was like i knew her. she pissed me off. she's a sophmore. i've known krystle for 3 years now. that girl don't know shit bout her. melissa was in tears all damn day. i couldn't cry and i feel like i had to. i feel real uber bad cuz i couldn't cry. i just kept biting my lower lip and wanted to kill people who were happy and smiling. especially those who acted like they knew her. they don't know shit about her. everyone who's in fucking tech prep knows her well. we've known her for 3 damn years. and most of them have known her for longer. and her cousins. charletha was upset. and aleshia was her best friend. aleshia was there when krystle died. i just can't believe it. i can hear her but i can't see her. and some see her but can't hear her. she was the most wonderfulest person i ever knew. she never cared what people said about her. it didn't phase her. and she always knew how to make me laugh or smile when i was depressed. she was the best person. she knew what she wanted in life. she knew what she wanted to be and what college she was going. she could speak real well. she had great public speaking skills. she could take a boring subject and turn it into something real interesting. she knew what she was doing. and that's why i admired her. she never let anyone get to her. ever. but know she's in a better place. and no one or anything is going to hurt her ever. it's just gonna be hard without her. i keep looking for her in the halls. but i don't see her and i'm confused. i miss her. and i spazed out at lunch kicking the stone generator thingy. and then 7th period came around. that was hell. fracarro wasn't there. he broke down in the mornin and had to go home. so we had a sub. physics was real hell. we were all depressed and upset. and when the sub did attendance i prayed he wouldn't say her name. thank God he didn't. and then he decided to let us go to seper's class we couldn't work at all. all the class left to seper's. doug and byron stayed. me and melissa walked the halls. it calmed us. i just can't believe it at all. i just saw her afterschool. i waved at her. and she said hi kristin. like she always does. and with a smile on her face. i smiled as well. she could always make me smile. and for real. cuz it was krystle. she had that ability. i can't believe it at all. she was fine in school yesterday. perfectly fine. i don't understand. it's gonna be hard for the rest of the year. and especially at graduation next year. how are we gonna get through this? i have no clue. but i know krystle she wouldn't wanbt us to be sad. she'd want us to smile and think good. everyone was like just think of the good times u had with her. that really fucking helps. it makes things worse. specially since we know we'll never be able to hear he laugh anymore or see her beutiful smile. i was real upset i scratched the hell outta my arm with my fingernails untill i drew blood. melissa had to keep stopping me. it was hard. i didn't know what to do or how to act. and i was pissed off at myself for smiling and laughing when i shouldn't have been. i just can't believe this. all i hafta say is that life is short and u never know when ur gonna leave this world. do everything u possibly can. and like tim mcgraw sings live like you were dieing. and apprecitae everything that u have. u don't know what tomorrow will bring. love all you guys soo much and that will not change no matter what u do. i will always love you no matter what. love you all and please keep safe.
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hello i'm new [17 Mar 2005|03:19pm]

[ mood | calm ]

i stumbled upon this community and decided to check it out.

][Name: Magdalena or Malena for short
][ Age: 22
][Sex: Girl
][ Location: Saginaw, MI
][ Hobbies: i spend lots of time online. Is drinking considered a hobby? i like to be lazy when i don't work.
][ Status: single unfortunately. i got royally fucked just a few weeks ago. i have a bad case of a broken heart
][ Likes: Chinese Food, Music, my friends, concerts, my computer
][ Dislikes: shallow people, fancy cars, bullshit lies
][ Siblings: older sis, older bro, younger bro
][ Hair Color: dark brown/black
][ Height: 5'2
][ Eye color: dark brown
][ Car: 96' corsica

][ Favorite Place To Shop: Hot Topic if i have moneys
][ Tatoos/piercings: 11 piercings, 5 tattoos
][ Clothing Brand: Tripp
][ Shoe Brand: Adidas

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: Tool, AFI, Devildriver, Mindless Self Indulgence, A Perfect Circle, Spineshank
Singers: Maynard James Keenan, Davey Havok, Dez
Books: i can't say that i've actually read 3 books in my life.
Movies: Boondock Saints, Finding Nemo, Suicide Kings
Tv shows: Family Guy, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Invader Zim

Other Favorites
][ Color: Bright Green Or Bright Blue
][ food: CHINESE FOOD or Mexican food
][ subject: music
][ sport: i love watching boxing
][ animal: all kinds
][ person:???
][ object: my baby blanket or my Mun_ky
][ place: San Antonio, TX

][ smoked: very few times. i don't like it
][ drunk alcohol: about 2 times per week i go get wasted
][ done drugs: acid. fun while it lasted. horrible after feeling. never will i do it again
][ bunjee jumped: nope
][ sky dived: nope
][ skinny dipped: nope
][ cried to get away with something: ummm if i did i can't remember

][War: it solves nothing
][alcohol and drugs: whatever floats your boat
][popularity: what a bunch of bullshit it is. seems like thats all that matters now
][religion: i don't agree with with they teach. so i'm not a fan of religion

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[15 Mar 2005|08:55pm]

[ mood | ha ha [[snort]] ha ha ]

am i the only one who likes getting bit by their friends?? lol i think its hot when mike and keith bite me..lol

yes im weird

<33 manda

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*waves*hi im a newbie [12 Mar 2005|09:12pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

despite my friends being nice and saying im not ugly, i know i am... I'm shorter than all of my friends, i feel very over weight, and it makes me depressed everytime my friends say im not ugly.
About You
][Name: Ivy
][ Age: 16
][Sex: Female
][ Location: Eugene, OR
][ Hobbies: fencing, running, reading, writing, drawing,ect.
][ Status: depressed sometimes, but cope-ing as much as possible, and well weird
][ Likes:writing drawing, sleeping
][ Dislikes:friends sometimes, profiling
][ Siblings: 1 sister
][ Hair Color:dark brown but almost black
][ Height: 4 11
][ Eye color: brown
][ Car: non existant

][ Favorite Place To Shop: hot topic, borders
][ Tatoos/piercings: ears bot pierced, and belly button, no tatoos yet
][ Clothing Brand: Tripp
][ Shoe Brand:converse

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands: something corporate, Depeche mode, Travis, ect.
Singers: manson, ash, rodger(from rent), ect.
Books: Trickster's queen, prince charming, the importance of being ernest
Movies: snatch, ocean's 11, finding neverland
Tv shows:life as we know it, family guy, law and order

Other Favorites
][ Color: midnight blue or dark red i cna never pick one
][ food: horchata
][ subject: art
][ sport: fencing
][ animal: dragonfly
][ person: Jonh-John(a good friend)
][ object: strawberry, rings, shoes
][ place: St petersburg russia

][ smoked: once
][ drunk alcohol:yeah
][ done drugs: nope
][ bunjee jumped: yeah
][ sky dived: yeah
][ skinny dipped:yeah...actually a lot of times....
][ cried to get away with something: yups

][War very bad
][alcohol and drugs stupid
][popularity over rated
][religion optional

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noob *waves* haylo [08 Mar 2005|06:54pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

hey guys new here. and to me i'm ugly. i ahet everything about me, but according to everyone else i'm sooo pretty just really depressed and pissed off. but yeah sure. they get told to fuck off cuz it's a lie. i'm ugly and they know it.

About You
][Name: kristin
][ Age:17
][ Location:joliet,il
][ Hobbies:writing,drawing,reading,sleeping,trying to quit cutting and burning, music,annoying people,being pissed off all the time
][ Status: depressed crazy chick or burner/cutter
][ Likes:reading,sleeping,music,writing,my friends
][ Dislikes:most people in general. i don't even like most of my friends that well
][ Siblings:5 sisters
][ Hair Color: dark brown
][ Height:5'9"
][ Eye color:dark brown
][ Car: wish i had one

][ Favorite Place To Shop: dollar store,thrift store,hot topic *at times*, walmart
][ Tatoos/piercings: no tats, yet. four piercings 2 in each ear. planning for more
][ Clothing Brand: thalia sodi
][ Shoe Brand: k-swiss

Favorites (3 or more)
Bands:evanescence,my chemical romance,kittie,too many more
Singers: marilyn manson, ciara, thalia, again too many more
Books:harry potter series, premonitons, rose red
Movies: the craft, donnie darko,set it off
Tv shows: grim adventures of billy and mandy, anything on vh1, rap city

Other Favorites
][ Color: black,pink,white,emerald green
][ food: we're supposed to like it? yesh? well then cookies, if u call that food.
][ subject: french, history
][ sport: soccer,baseball
][ animal: penguins, tigers, wolves
][ person:my best friends missy and holly
][ object: lips, dicks
][ place: my room, the floor

][ smoked: no
][ drunk alcohol: yesh
][ done drugs: eh.......
][ bunjee jumped:no
][ sky dived:no
][ skinny dipped:no
][ cried to get away with something: hell yesh

][War bad
][alcohol and drugs eh....
][popularity die
][religion hey everyone needs something to believe in

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love hurts [02 Mar 2005|07:48pm]

[ mood | hurt ]

ill never say love again...

i always get hurt :(

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