everyday i get in a fight

with the mirror!!!! [[shatter]]

i am ugly!!!! i already kno!!!
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n e one can join...but u have to fill out an application as soon as possible
no more than 2 days, it must contain ur name, ur age, and ur location , and y u thing ur anti__beauty material,
new example:
About You
][ Age:
][ Location:
][ Hobbies:
][ Status:
][ Likes:
][ Dislikes:
][ Siblings:
][ Hair Color:
][ Height:
][ Eye color:
][ Car:

][ Favorite Place To Shop:
][ Tatoos/piercings:
][ Clothing Brand:
][ Shoe Brand:

Favorites (3 or more)
Tv shows:

Other Favorites
][ Color:
][ food:
][ subject:
][ sport:
][ animal:
][ person:
][ object:
][ place:

][ smoked:
][ drunk alcohol:
][ done drugs:
][ bunjee jumped:
][ sky dived:
][ skinny dipped:
][ cried to get away with something:

][alcohol and drugs

do u feel rejected??
everytime u look in the mirror does it break??
if so this is the community for u!!!

if n e one has a question that they would like to ask for the "question of the day" feel free to post it up
u can talk about n e thing u want but i ask this...pleeze NO FIGHTING!!!!

and ur welcome to post pictures but NO NUDITY pleeze!!!!

have fun here :)

we talk about n e thing and everything we can

so feel free to speak about whuts on ur mind :P

yeah...im just that pissed off.


there will be questions...everyday ... different questions each day

n e one can join
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